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  • Power Series Black SP 80% Tungsten 23g

    The Power Series Black SP is an 80% tungsten dart endorsed by 16 x World Champion, Phil ”The Power” Taylor. The striking dart offers the perfect grip and barrel balance...
  • Power Series Silver SP 80% Tungsten 24g

    The Power Series Silver SP is an 80% dart endorsed by 16 x World Champion Phil ”The Power” Taylor. The striking dart offers a perfect balance and grip to suit...
  • Adrian Lewis Black SP 90% Tungsten 24g

    The 90% tungsten straight barrel features a combination of CNC mills and radial grooves throughout which is overlaid with black PVD coating. The barrel contrast is created by re-machining and...
  • Nathan Aspinall

    As used by Nathan 'The Asp' Aspinall, these stunning 90% Tungsten darts have been designed specifically for Nathan after examining his throw to create the ultimate set-up for him. Featuring...
  • Adrian Lewis G4 90% Tungsten

    The Adrian Lewis Gen 4 is the latest dart used by Adrian Lewis in pursuit of his 3rd world title. Generation 4 embodies the integrity and excellence reflected in the...
  • RVB 95% G4 Swiss Point Darts

    The RVB95 Generation 4 dart, marking RVB’s return to the PDC. This 95% tungsten range has been designed to Raymond’s exact specifications. The 5 X World Champion is the epitome...
  • Nathan Aspinall Black SP 90% Tungsten 24g

    Endorsed by ‘The Asp’, the Nathan Aspinall Black SP dart utilises the same shape and specifications as the Aspinall Gen 1 dart but includes additional coatings and grips.  The 90% tungsten...
  • Danny Lauby GEN1 90% Tungsten 24g

    The 90% tungsten barrel has been designed for performance, offering a combination of grips and coatings which suits all throws and techniques. The straight barrel dart features radial grooves throughout...
  • Nathan Aspinall 80% Darts

    Endorsed by ‘The ASP’ we are pleased to introduce Nathan Aspinall’s faultlessly designed 80% tungsten barrel dart. Detailed radial grooves run along the length of the straight barrel with 8 red...
  • Glen Durrant 80% Darts

    Endorsed by Premier League 2020 Champion Glen Durrant, we are pleased to introduce his 80% tungsten barrel; precision-made and versatile in design to suit a range of playing styles.  Detailed radial...
  • Stephen Bunting G4 90% Swiss Darts

    Designed to Bunting’s exact specification, this 90% tungsten straight barrel dart features individual precision-milled cuts and a vivid electroplated red performance coating which offers a unique grip & feels perfectly...
  • Danny Baggish 90% Tungsten 23g

    Designed to Danny's exact specifications, this 90% tungsten dart features radial grooves throughout the barrel alongside distinctive black and blue paint rings within the grooves. The straight barrel has a...
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