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  • Americana Gator 90% Tungsten

    Intelligently designed with speed and accuracy in mind, Gator’s center weighting and rugged grip profile made from deep axial cuts allow you to throw with stealth from anywhere along the...
  • Americana Mardi Gras 80% Tungsten

    Add an ace to your setup with the colorful Mardi Gras darts set, designed with fine New Orleans tradition in mind. Revel in the pure joy of playing with this...
  • Americana Route 66 80% Tungsten

    Leave the world behind and take Route 66. It’s the freedom of a full gas tank, a two-lane blacktop, and no place you gotta be. With its sleek 80% tungsten...
  • Americana The Wrangler 80% Tungsten

    Matching your sharp eye and keen skills, The Wrangler is the kit you need to corral the orneriest opponents. This center-weighted, 80% tungsten barrel features black titanium coated markings of...
  • Celt Cernunnos 90% Tungsten

    Wield your spear and flaunt your antlers. The Cernunnos dart set captures the wisdom of this forest guardian and mystical Celtic god of beasts and wild, mist-shrouded landscapes. With its...
  • Michael Smith Achieve 90% Tungsten

    Designed, crafted and perfected by Shot Dartisans for PDC World Champion Michael Smith, Achieve is his match dart of choice. But this workhorse dart is no show pony – it’s...
  • Michael Smith Believe 90% Tungsten

    Master true self-belief, built on having a dedicated team behind you, a global tribe in your corner, and the knowledge your gear will never let you down. Shot Dartisans have...
  • Michael Smith Bully Boy Precision 80% Tungsten

    The new Bully Boy on the block, this precision dart set is designed in New Zealand by Shot’s Dartisans in close collaboration with 2023 PDC World Champ Michael Smith. This...
  • Michael Smith Defiant 90% Tungsten

    Solid at its core, this centre weighted Defiant barrel is gutsy and strong and never gives in. Designed in close collaboration with PDC World Champion Michael Smith and crafted by...
  • Michael Smith Tenacious 90% Tungsten

    When times get tough, this steadfast, 90% tungsten, front weighted barrel has your back. Designed in close collaboration with PDC World Champion Michael Smith, Tenacious is crafted by Shot Dartisans...
  • Roman Empire Caesar 95% Tungsten

    The Caesar 95% Tungsten dart set features new distinct grip profile which allow a multi-level finger reference points along the dart. The barrel nose features the defensive Testudo grip, named...
  • Ronin Rei Respect 90% Tungsten box Ronin Rei Respect 90% Tungsten darts

    Ronin Rei Respect 90% Tungsten

    Ronin lived by a code of discipline known as the Bushido, which outlines eight virtues. The code of Ronin Rei is one of respect among all darts players. Competition is...
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