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  • 975 Swiss Point Darts

    Inspired by the Fourth Edition Elysian, the 975 continues to push the boundaries of dart design and performance and is the next chapter in our tireless pursuit of perfection. Named...
  • Agora Swiss Point 24g Darts

    Agora A05 90% tungsten dart has been upgraded with Target’s Swiss Point technology and features a combination of radial grooves and precision milling to create a premium, yet accessible dart...
  • ALX 03 Swiss Darts 23g

    The 03 features a straight barrel which is finished with a purple Pro Grip shaft and eye-catching flight exclusively designed for the range. The ALX range is designed for the...
  • Bolide Swiss Point Darts

    The Bolide darts is intricately constructed with precise radial grooved cuts and a hand-sandblasted coating gives the dart added grip and feel. Each barrel is finished with a yellow Pro...
  • Carrera V-Stream Darts

    Inspired by the design and perfect form of Target’s peerless Elysian III dart, the new Carrera shares the same distinctive ‘V-Stream’ cuts which are precision milled into 90% pure tungsten...
  • Daytona Fire

    Inspired by the design and perfect form of Target’s peerless Elysian dart, Daytona Fire shares the same distinctive trapezoidal prisms, precision machined into 95% pure Tungsten, and overlaid with a...
  • Daytona Fire GT Darts

    An extension of the Daytona range, Daytona GT shares the same distinctive Trapezoidal grip technology precision machined into 95% pure tungsten. Overlaid with a sporty blue Titanium Nitride performance coating,...
  • Gabriel Clemens 80% Black Swiss Point Darts

    Endorsed by the ‘German Giant’, the faultless 80% Black range from Gabriel Clemens offers a simple yet elegant grip and optimum balance for all standard of player. The design of the...
  • Hema 90% Swiss Point Darts

    Inspired by the dusty red surface of Earth’s sister planet Mars, Hema is the new range of milled darts that combines CNC milling & Radial grooves overlaid with red and...
  • Nastri 90% Swiss Point Darts

    The Nastri is a 90% Tungsten dart and features Swiss point technology.  The design of the barrel displays machining techniques that comprises precision tool pathing allowing for natural flow throughout...
  • Orb

    Great balance, great design. The 80% Orb range features an extensive variety of barrel shapes, weights and designs suiting all throws and techniques. Finished with vibrant metallic blue grooves. ORB 01 24g 80% TungstenDimensions: 6.9mm D x...
  • Power 9Five G8 95% Swiss Darts

    Designed with the 16 X World Champion himself, this high precision 95% tungsten torpedo shaped barrel optimizes the perfect weight and balance. The Barrel offers CNC milling throughout, an overlay...
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