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  • Showtime Elite Darts

    Showtime Elite 90% Tungsten dart features the Quad Core Grip – 4 different grip sections combine to make one Elite dart. Eliminate any grip issues no matter where you grip...
  • Showtime Halcyon Darts

    Showtime's 90% Tungsten Halcyon new stunning concept dart – full colour dispersion highlight means no two darts are ever the same. Stunning in both looks and feel, welcome to the...
  • Showtime Premier 2 Darts

    The Premier choice of champions! Ultra sleek design, 90% Tungsten dart features tapered style, with a new refined rear grip and Azure Element Core. A champions choice of Elegance!
  • Showtime Revolver Darts

    A unique design that see’s the introduction of a superbly balanced, revolving ring pattern. Bi-Directional angled grip – effective no matter the throwing style. Revolver 90% Tungsten S/T – innovate...
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