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Fabric lined dice tray with 5 x 16mm dice and collapsible dice cup.


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Farkle is the classic dice-rolling game that takes risk and a little luck!  Roll the dice and try for higher score combinations…but be careful!  If you Farkle, those points are gone! For 2 or more players ages 8 and up.


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Watch the sparks fly in this lightning-fast dice dash! Players race to complete eight challenges and try to rack up the most points. With three play variations, Flash is the go-to dice game for electrifying fun. Straightforward and quick, you can go at it again and again. Every one of all ages gets bit by the competition bug and has a fair shot to victory. Weighing probabilities and quick decisions will roll you to victory. This game exercises visual perception, fine motor skills and basic math skills. Includes 3 game variations and a travel pouch.
The fast-paced exciting game of chip passing with it’s own twist. LCR Left Center Right Dice Game comes with 3 specialty marked cubes, 24 playing chips, and instructions. A great game for 3 or more players!


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There is always a match until…Nada! Scoop up the dice and let ‘em roll. Quick—scan the array for matching symbols between the orange and white dice. The first to call a match collects all the dice showing that symbol. No matches? No problem! It’s another chance to win. Shout “Nada!” to snatch up all the dice. But speak too soon and you’ll pay the price. This dice game has 3 play variations and comes with a travel pouch. Think sharp and act fast to match, snatch, and win!

Showing all 5 results