Shuffleboard Accessories

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Turn one classic game into two with Brunswick’s Shuffleboard Pins. Crafted out of solid rubberwood, this miniature bowling set includes a wooden rack for easy set-up and 10 matching pins – adding whole new level of competition to your shuffleboard table.
Made from heat-treated hardened steel, Brunswick Billiards chrome-plated shuffleboard weights meet TSA tournament specifications.  Four (4) red pucks and Four (4) black pucks
Glass beads are used to speed up disc travel on concrete courts only. This 3 lb, easy to grab, container comes complete with flip open lid and sifter cap. Ideal for even sprinkle distribution for consistent and increased disc travel. Sifter container can be refilled and used over and over again. 50lb bulk replacement bag is available. Note: Glass beads are extremely slippery and are not recommended to be used on multi-purpose floors where pedestrian traffic is expected. It is recommended to collect glass beads after each use
Jett Shuffleboard Silicone Polish increases the speed of the shuffleboard and provides extra protection for the finish. Instructions: For the best results, clean the playing surface with Jett Shuffleboard Cleaner before using polish. Spray Shuffleboard Silicone Polish on shuffleboard surface and spread evenly with a clean, dry cloth. Allow to stand for a few minutes, then buff. For best results, allow the silicone polish to stand overnight before buffing, as this allows greater time to cure the silicone into a tough, protective shell.   250 ml

Master Glaze

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This Master Glaze is designed to polish wood and polymer shuffleboard tables. First clean table with Sun-Glo Combination Cleaner. The glaze will add a protective coating which allows for an exciting playing field on your board.
This combination cleaner removes the grit and grime from the pores of your board to give you a better game play. Apply a thin coat of combination cleaner with a circular motion. Your board is now ready to apply Sun-Glo Paste Wax or Master Glaze for polishing.
A must have tool that provides a quick, easy cleanup of the powder on your board.  Use to prepare the board for Sun-glo cleaner and silicone.
May be used as needed, depending on play frequency. Its purpose is to quickly remove dirt and grime from the play surface.
Spangler Deluxe ( 2 5/16″): the quality weight that adds a little color to your shuffleboard game. 8 Pack
Silicone Spray acts as an assistant to the shuffleboard powder. A light coat helps eliminate tracking, saves on powder and adds a punch of excitement to the game. This spray is specifically designed for shuffleboard tables. A must have for any player!

Sun-Glo Speed #1

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The most Super Fast powder around! Pure silicone ball bearings. This powder gives you the game with the most challenge. Finesse and touch are the key to winning with this powder. Use the Sun-Glo cleaner and silicone spray to keep your game consistent and competitive, and your table clean. Ideal for 14′ and longer boards.

Sun-Glo Speed #2

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Our newest powder, formulated for the serious player. Used in most tournament play and preferred by professionals. Use the Sun-Glo cleaner and silicone spray to keep your game consistent and competitive, and your table clean. Ideal for 14′ and longer boards.

Showing 1–12 of 14 results