British Darts

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The BD Gold is a premium 90% tungsten dart with a genuine gold coating.  Each barrel is stamped with the BD logo and weight.  Includes dimplex flights and datashaft.
The Canadian Nickel dart is the perfect next step for the beginner.  Made with nickel, the barrel has been stretched and is thinner than brass for better gripping. Barrels may vary by weight and may not be exactly as shown.
Harrier II darts has a new twist on one of our best selling lines! The Harrier II is 90% Tungsten steel tip dart with a colour coded barrel, alloy shaft and Pentathlon flight. A great dart for those who have moved up from a beginner level.

Hunter Darts

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Hunters are designed with the needs of the more advanced player in mind. These darts are well balanced with an excellent finish. The package includes three quality 80% Tungsten darts, holographic flights, and alloy shafts.
These darts are on fire!  Black brass darts make for a sleek and sharp looking set.  Includes holographic flights and nylon shafts.  Brass barrel vary by weight and may not be exactly as shown.
The huge popularity of Canada’s number 1 player and the resounding success of his steeltip range has led to the launch of an 18g softip version of this stunning dart.  The Urban Grip Coating means that every dart is unique – Just like our Jeff. Weight 18g


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Get the edge on the competition with the new Midnight Sport dart. Stunning black Titanium barrel with a BD original Pentathlon flight and nylon shaft. One of our most popular barrel shapes makes the Midnight Sport the must have dart this season.

Rocket Darts

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The Rocket is 90% Tungsten dart featuring slim backcut barrel in three colour coded ring options based on weight.  A great dart for those who have moved up from a beginner level.  The Rocket comes with 90% Tungsten darts, custom BD holographic flight and Pro Turn PT5 short shaft. Black rings 24g; Blue rings (shown) 26g; Purple rings 28g

Shed Darts

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These darts are nicknamed by the Canadian East Coasters who refer to pub or bar darts as ‘SHED’ darts.  The 20g steel tip super alloy darts feature moulded shaft and flight in four bright colours.  Perfect for when friends come over to play.

Showing 1–12 of 17 results