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Laser Oche

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The laser oche is a hi-tech laser beam to mark your throw line.  Features include adjustable line distance, compact unit which easily attaches to a wall or cabinet.  The unit is battery operated (not included).

Oche Tape

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Set up  your dart board quickly, easily and accurately with the new Oche Tape by Target! The tape is double sided providing measurement in both centimetres and pre-marked distances, including bullseye-to-floor height and bullseye-to-oche distance, for both steel and soft tip. The Oche-Tape is spring loaded for easy retraction and features a carabiner clip for handy attachment.
The world’s first full length soft-feel fibre dart mat featuring non-slip PVC composite edging and underlay Features official tournament specification oche measurements and is printed with every finish from 100 to 41 Non-slip underlay lays flat to the floor and the Outshot Mat is versatile, light-weight and easy to roll up and store away Stylish, modern functional design
TV-style, universal raised oche.  Connect to any dart mat and start playing in seconds. Find your perfect position for a consistent throw with Chevron-Sight Technology.  Instant connection with powerful magnetic force and easy-slide removable clips.

SightRight 2

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SightRight works in 4 easy steps to give Perfect Dart Vision so you can position yourself exactly on the oche time and time again. The patented design guarantees perfect sighting and, through letting dart players actually see if they are off line, SightRight prevents sighting across the line aim (like 99% of TV dart professionals). Many dart players unknowingly set themselves up at the number 5 when aiming for treble 20.  Each player’s sighting position will be different. However, once you’re SightRight’d, your technique and biomechanics will develop a symmetrical throw with no side bias on the dartboard i.e. Double 16 and Double 10 will feel the same.  SightRight straightens up the path of your darts into the dartboard dramatically reducing blocked doubles and trebles.
The new Target Oche-Mat is a compact and discreet Oche perfect for marking both temporary and permanent thowlines.  It’s small size and easy removal gives you flexibility in moving or adjusting your setup.
Professional, heavy-duty mat manufactured from 100% rubber. Official tournament specification oche measurements.  Durable mat suitable for both home use and pub/club.  Brings safety, style and a degree of professionalism to your game.

Showing all 8 results