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Adult Hoodies

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The precision engineered aluminium shafts feature stylish anodised colouring, cross-hole locking device and are super slotted for easy fit.
Combining the exotic, high performance materials Titanium and Carbon into one unique shaft system. Carbon shafts are becoming increasingly popular, their drawback being expensive to maintain. Our new system brings the benefits of Carbon shafts whilst reducing the cost.  The Carbon top is just that, a top which is available in only one length and fits into the Titanium base. The Titanium base is unbreakable and so the only replaceable component is the Carbon top which is far less expensive than replacing an entire Carbon Shaft.
Grip wax features the target logo and come in lime or orange citrus scent.
  Uses exclusive twin-props T2 technology force multiplier Handmade from premium grade steel Designed with differential pitched threads for easy point changing  

Dart Cards

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Dart Cards enables players to choose a variety of new games to play on a standard dart board, using 3 darts. • Group or Solo Games • Uses all numbers on the dartboard • Great for practice
A superb quality retractable dart point sharpener made with a genuine fine coated diamond grit roughing surface. Built to last and comes fitted with a pocket clip. A must have darts accessory keeping your darts sharp all year round.

Finger Wax

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Keep Calm and Dart On™  comes in 30 oz. polar tumbler that can be used for both cold and hot beverages.
Flight protectors are very useful. Their main purpose is enhancing the durability of your flights. Whenever an incoming dart strikes the flight of a dart already sticking in the board this flight is in danger of being damaged. The flight protector can almost eliminate this damage. Another benefit is that flight protectors are that they help keep your dart flight evenly spread.

Grip Cream

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Improves gripping power and dart control.  Extra-strength formulation increases traction for better gripping power.

Showing 1–12 of 50 results