Life Saver Instant Rebate

From January 1st through January 14th, 2018. Receive an Instant Rebate on all select Life Fitness equipment.  Here is the following rebates available:

$100 Rebate - C1 Upright Bike Go/Track+, C3 Upright Bike Go, RS1 Recumbent Bike Go, IC1, IC4, IC5, Row HX Rower, G2 & G3 Gym

$200 Rebate - F3 Treadmill Go/Track+, T3 Treadmill Go/Track+, T5 Treadmill Go, E1 Cross-Trainer Go/Track+, E3 Cross-Trainer Go/Track, FS4 CT Titanium/Dark Walnut, FS6 CT Titanium, C3 Upright Bike Track+, Club Series Upright Bike, PCSC Upright Explore, RS1 Recumbent Bike Track+, RS3 Recumbent Bike Go/Track+, IC6, IC7, IC8, Row GX, G2 w/ Leg Press, G3 w/Legpress, G4 & G7 Gym

$350 Rebate - T5 Treadmill Track+, Club Series Treadmill, FS6 CT Dark Walnut Finish, E5 Cross-Trainer Go/Track+, Club Series Cross-Trainer, PCS Cross-Trainer Explore, PCSC Upright Bike Discover SI, PCSC Upright Bike Discover SE3/SE3 HD, PCSR Recumbent Bike Explore & PCSR Recumbent Bike Discover SI, Club Series Recumbent Bike

$500 Rebate - PCST Treadmill Explore, PCST Treadmill Discover SI, PCST Treadmill Discover SE3/SE3 HD, PCS Cross-Trainer Discover SI, PCS Cross-Trainer Discover SE3/SE3 HD, Flexstrider Explore, Flexstrider Discover SI, Flexstrider Discover SE3 & PCSR Recumbent Bike Discover SE3/SE3 HD

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